SERIES Aluminium Volleyball posts - CODE 6747

This set of Volleyball posts perfectly meet the international specifications and standards of the FIVB, as regards the quality, the size, the colors and safety measures (protective). It is suitable for all categories of games.
The set of Volleyball posts consists of:
The main material is special aluminum profile to 120Ch100Ch3mm oval cross section, which features internal aid.
The pair of posts comprises two pieces height 295cm each. In one of the two is placed a mechanism, which adjusts the height of the net. The mechanism works with worm screw and crank. At the top of the sliding mechanism there is a metal pulley groove for the cable. To the bottom of the net is being used a mechanism on which rests and stretch the net at any selected height. The second strut is blade corresponding to aluminum metal hook pulley for tensioning the net. The posts have bases with 40cm height. When the system is fully installed, the height of the post is 2,55 m.