SERIES Double Minitramp - Ultimate DMT 6x6 - CODE 74-6711527936

The brandnew Ultimate DMT 6x6 by Eurotramp.

A milestone for Double-Minitramp gymnastics - a worthwile investment in safety, performance and durability! Coaches and athletes are impressed about the power from the new Ultimate DMT 6x6.

What's new?
• Unique in the world: the innovative 6x6 mm high-performance jumping bed
• Optimisation of the sinking depth in the jumping bed centre for a better security of the athlete
• The new frame cover: efficient, safe and durable with new frame padding
• More power and durability due to optimised spring suspension
• High-performance springs guarantee a high performance consistency
• Unique energy-efficiency for the athletes
• Optimal balanced jumping behaviour
• Excellent standing stability of frame
• Highly stable frame structure of high performance steel
• Competition DMT of the next World Championships and important national and international competitions

More product variants are available upon request (jumping beds 5x4 mm, 6x4 mm, 4x4 mm, not FIG approved!).