SERIES Minitramps - Minitrampoline 112/125 - CODE 74-3295292502

Minitrampoline 112 / 125 esp. for school sports, therapy and rehabilitation centres

The Eurotramp minitrampoline has been manufactured by the company Eurotramp since 1960 and has been developed further during the course of the years. It is generally used as angled take-off trampoline. There are a variety of uses in schools or in therapy and rehabilitation centres. There is a wide range of uses due to the many variations of the equipment. For example, the minitramp is available with high-performance steel springs or with rubber cables as an alternative. A jumping bed made of 13 mm wide nylon bands provides the necessary performance level for all athletes; a pure double-perlon jumping bed ensures a good feeling of safety – especially for school children.

The minitramp is available in two sizes: 112 x 112 cm or 125 x 125 cm. If required, it can also be supplied with two equally sized leg frames.