SERIES Large Trampolines - Premium 4x4 - CODE 74-5634518456

High-end competition trampoline for many years

The Premium 4x4 is equipped with the most powerful jumping bed which has ever been certified by the International Gymnastics Federation FIG. Its jumping bed offers the maximum allowed jumping performance according to FIG standards, so that gymnasts can obtain and maintain the required training height with much less effort. With its equal distributionion of power, the trampoline also has well-balanced jumping characteristics, offering the athlete a high measure of safety and excellent controllability.

Eurotramp encloses a trampoline service bag with spare parts and important documents (certificates, erection and maintenance instructions, etc.) in every delivery of a large trampoline. This service bag contains springs, straps, anchor bars, plastic caps and floor protection corresponding to the apparatus, etc. It is guaranteed that the customer can quickly and easily exchange important components in case of wear.