SERIES Large Trampolines - Grand Master Exclusiv Premium - CODE 74-2526282696

The official competition trampoline at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing!

The Premium line was designed in view of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China. It offers innovative, specially designed jumping beds for even more control on the side jumping area. Furthermore, the Premium series also has an altered leg construction: the frame was braced with additional struts at the end of the narrow sides. Consequently, the Premium models offers the athletes an even higher jumping stability. Nonetheless, the upper frame still offers the necessary flexibility for balanced jumping action and excellent throwing features.

The advantage of this design lies among other things, in the fact that the trampolines are only slightly heavier and yet still very easy to handle. All high-quality material components combined with diligent workmanship guarantee brilliant jumping qualities and outstanding safety standards.

That is why the Grand Master Exclusiv Premium 6x4 was the undisputed number one in the competitive sector until the Premium 4x4 was developed, and was used both in national and international championships, as well as all types of worldwide major events (e.g. 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing). The performance of the Premium 5x4 lies between that of the 6x4 and the 4x4 version.