SERIES Trampoline Sets "Mobile" - CODE 74-5570243439

Mobile trampoline set for fairs, sports events, day of open door, festivals etc.

For a brief period of use at different places, the stationary trampoline sets are less suitable, based on their relatively costly erection and dismantling time. With the trampoline set “Mobile” we therefore follow a new path. Through simple erection mechanism with ease of handling, we enable flexible, brief use of trampoline set. For the operator of such mobile apparatus, the new concept makes it possible, within the scope of daily events (fairs, sports events, children festivals, advertisement events, day of open door, festivals etc.), to erect and operate a sports apparatus briefly and with good economic success.

The trampoline set “Mobile” is conceived as a motor vehicle trailer and mounted permanently on 2 axles (tandems); shock-absorber; inertia braking system stable, hot-galvanized spindle supports for automatic level control; roller stands as retractable aid.