SERIES Ceiling Basketball System - CODE PIACENZA

Reclining vertically Basketball System, consisting of a metal rugged construction of hollow sections, which firmly holds the panel (backboard) and the ring in height and position in accordance with the requirements of the applicable regulations of FIBA.
The backboard is of plexiglass thickness 12mm. and dimensions 180x105 cm. The framework of the tables (backboard) is made of hollow beam 40x40x3 mm and is firmly grounded in the rolling and folding structure and perpendicular to the floor of the playing field.
The ring which is provided with a return mechanism under pressure, which is released when a static load of 105 kg. applied to the most distal upper end thereof. Also it comes with a bearing net made of polypropylene.
The operating system is electro - hydraulic with integrated gear pump. The mechanism consists of cable assembly with pulleys mounted by scrolling the vertical elements of the building and fixed on top of the backboard. The device carries a handle for its use. The whole metal structure is painted with electrostatic powder paint.