SERIES Olympic Type Basketball System - CODE AP-0001

Central body

The central body of the basketball system is made of steel sheet thickness 4 mm. It has a variable cross-section, with a fixed width 200 mm, which gradually changes the length (cross section) from 400 to 140 mm. The central body consists of three parts that are welded together. The three segments have lengths, measured at centerline, 2190 mm, 1900 mm and 950 mm.
The height from the level of 0.00 until the upper rim is 3050 mm.
The distance from the outside of the final line is 1000 mm
The central body carries suitable metal reinforcements to avoid distortion. The metal reinforcements are composed of thick metal plates at least 4 mm suitably positioned and welded inside the central body. Placed at least 4 plates.
Suitable metal reinforcements are arranged on the connections of all three segments of the central body. The metal reinforcements of the connections are also made of thick metal plates of at least 4 mm.
The lower central body carries an iron agle 80 x 8 mm with suitable holes for the anchor bolts.
The upper part of the central body is carrying a plate 200 x 140 mm thickness 6 mm.
The plate of 6 mm rolls 4 bolts M16 x 50 mm, which are intended for attachment of glysieras of the dashboard.
The metal reinforcements and general construction should ensure full stability (eg vibration) for the proper conduct of games and toys and the safety of the students.


The backboard has external dimensions 1800 x 1050 mm. The frame is made of hollow beam 50 x 25 mm and thickness of 2mm. The body is composed of the outer frame dimensions 1800 x 1050 mm and the inside frame dimensions 590 x 450 mm. The outer frame is attached to the inside with two vertical reinforcing binders of hollow beam 40 x 20 mm.


It is made of transparent Plexiglas thickness 12 mm. Between the frame and the Plexiglas must be inserted a special rubber thickness 4 mm, for the cushioning. The Plexiglas is fastened to the frame with countersunk screws 6 x 50 mm. The Plexiglas carries suitable white marking lines.

At the application surface of the ring with the Plexiglas, that section of Plexiglas is made of unbreakable polycarbonate same thickness (12 mm).

The struts connecting the top of the backboard to the rear end of the straight body portion is made of a tube 3/4 ?? and ½ ?? and they are welded to specific piece.

Basketball ring and net

The ring is made of solid iron Φ 20mm, with internal diameter 45 mm. It bears on the top a specific piece of bent sheet metal thickness of 4 mm, for connecting the ring to the backboard. Also the ring bears a special piece made of solid iron Φ 12mm, which ensures the rigidity of the ring itself during its use. The ring must be painted in orange.

At the bottom of the ring there are metal hooks for securing the net. The nets are made from rope and placed appropriately on each ring. Their height should be 400 mm.