SERIES Electro-hydraulic Basketball System - CODE CORTINA

CORTINA oleodynamic basketball system: mm 100x50 steel tube base, rear support on Ø mm 85 4 rear pallet truck rolls, fore support on 2 wide plates. Front trolley with Ø mm 200 rubberised wheels with automatic operation. Rear capped ballast container. Lifting by means of oleodynamic pump put in action by 0,8 HP electric engine, junction box, electicric valves for oil influx, double reversal safety valve to allow perfect functioning of the structure while closing avoiding sudden lowering. Telescopic cylinder with Ø 45 mm stem, removable push-botton control panel. Mm 100x50 fore and rear tubular rods, 2 profiles mm 100x50 horizontal wing with mm 80x80 reinforcement, Ø mm 40 tubular tie-rod couple. Joints fitted on pins and self-lubricating pivots and bushes. Removable helm. Reinforced backboard frame with high and aplomb calibration system. Front and side protection padding on the pylon and front and rear protection padding on the forks according to FIP rules. Protection are made of an expanded PU padded wooden support, cm 10 front thick and cm 5 side thick, washable leatherette cover. Epoxy powder painting, 8.8 class assembly nuts and bolts. The basketball system is complete with 2 pylons, 2 tempered stratified crystal backboards, mm 8+8 thick, 2 lower protections for backboard, 2 frames for backboards, 2 tilting basket FIP approved, 2 nets, 1 removable helm, 1 removable push-botton panel. Horizontal overhang 3.28 m, encumbrance at rest cm 470x180x195h, weight of each unit without ballast approx. 600 kg., ballast needed approx. kg 800 (extra price).

The CORTINA basketball system is also available with hydraulic system for folding and unfolding.