Width: 88 cm

length: 220 cm

Height: 155 cm

Mass: 245 kg


- Display console with 320x240 lighted graphic LCD display and white LED Dot Matrix green high brightness LED

- Maximum working speed: 25 km / h constant

- High working speed: 0.2 km / h constant

- Dual monitor cardio: PDA + chest belt

- Automatic belt centering

- Automatic lubrication film

- Electronic variation of the inclination and speed

- Slope max 23%

- Tilt minutes -3%

- Walk Area: 154.5 x 54 cm

- 123 VA toroidal transformer

- Engine power (max max) 7 HP (AC)

- Inverter Fuji

- Power 220/240 VAC - 50/60 Hz - 12 Amp

- Auxiliary power supply circuit: low voltage 18 V ac

- Auxiliary console power supply circuit: low voltage 12 V DC

- Power consumption at maximum engine speed of 3000 VA

- Nominal power consumption 2500 VA

- Sound power: <30 dB

- Warning beeps when you press the buttons

- Oiling

- Maximum user weight: 180 kg

- Ventilation when disabled

- Certificate of compliance with Community legislation.

Standard equipment:

- Wheels in motion

- Strap the chest to monitor heart rate

- Provision of services.

Optional accessories:

- Handles along to the end of the beam. Console mode:

- CARDIO: cardio workout on stationary pulses (up dell 80% of the theoretical maximum heart frequency), as the camera automatically adjusts the level of speed to keep your heart rate within the max FC

- FAT BURNING: exercise fat burning training statherouss pulses (up dell 65% of the theoretical maximum heart rate), and the camera automatically adjusts the level of 'inclination to keep your heart rate within the max FC


- 6 key characteristics that can be changed independently by changing speed, incline and time

- 3 quick preset profiles for easy use

- 50 free profile with time, incline and speed for each of the 20 steps

- TRE - TEST: automatic test double, CHR (Constant Heart Rate) and CWL (Constant Work Level), allowing to perform exercise at a heart rate or constant load. The third, TEST RUNNER, let's do an exercise to increase the load, increasing the speed of 1 km / h per minute

- TIME DOWN: decrease in exercise duration

- DIST DOWN: reduce the distance to be covered

- CAL DOWN: reduce calories to be burned

- PERSONAL DATA: Set personal data (age and weight) of the user