SERIES Sample Parkour park - Rails Medium Surface 208 m2 - CODE PK06

Surface: 208m2

Parkour Park description:

Medium variant design based solely on pipes. The Parkour Park Rails type have such a wide range of available moves, the greater the imagination and creativity of the users is. In contrast to the basic variant, emphasis doesn't only be given to the development of the upper body, but also to the lower and the overall efficiency and agility. With subsequent expansion of the construction, height and the relative distance are able to change, so be grading the difficulty of the jump between the rails.


  1. All pipes used to manufacture must have a diameter of 48.3 mm.
  2. Each pipe are powder coated in yellow - RAL 1037.
  3. Pipe joints are painted graphite powder - RAL 9011.
  4. There are no sharp edges at the pipes joints.
  5. The pipes are joined together in such a way that the connecting element does not protrude above the pipe to more than 10 mm [picture]
  6. Minimumconrete dimensions are- cylinder with a diameter of 25 cm and a height of 70 cm.
  7. There can be a change of dimensions of the devices to 6%.
  8. There are connectors system that are protected against corrosion (eg. Cast iron).
  9. All the plywood that  are manufacture are waterproof and to have a double-thickness laminated min. 18 mm. At least one side of the laminate must be non-slip.
  10. Each site designed to exploit the plywood are non-slip.
  11. All plywood  included have Limited Lifetime Warranty from the Manufacturer.
  12. Plywood boards are connected to the structure by means of screws. The plywood frame is designed to ensure the integrity of the components on a load of 250kg at any point on the surface of 30x30 cm.
  13. The gaps between the edges of the plywood and the frame elements are less than 1.5 mm.
  14. All plywood are cut on a CNC machine number.
  15. The largest unsupported plywood plate surface can be of a size 1200 x 400 mm.
parkour pipes
Protruding limit to 10mm