SERIES Delta Folding Stadium Seat - CODE 97-3697343100

  1. The plastic seat is produced by high quality copolymer P.P moulded by injection. There is neither any scrap raw material nor additive added to the seat to make the seat heavier. Colours of our seats are bright and shiny due to the usage of original raw material.
  2. UV and Anti-oxidant additives have been used in order to make the seat more resistant to the external factors.
  3. It has special design to prevent any “finger traps” and orthopaedic seating feature, which is comfortable for both the back and legs.
  4. In order to extend the life of the product, 7 cm diameter polyamide mechanism is used on both sides to prevent the friction between moving parts of backrest and seat.
  5. Connection steel profiles hot laminated S 275, hot galvanized or painted with epoxy.
  6. Comfortable and easy to clean.
  7. Different applications are also possible (ex: bi-colour seat).

Seat Dimensions: 47x50x75 cm Weight: 1500 gr. P.P. + 11300 gr. metal= 12800 gr.