SERIES Benches ml 2,00 - CODE AS527-2

Made of aluminium sections anodized to 15 microns. Each of the components is resistant to oxide and rust proof. All staves are closed on both sides for maximum resistance and hygiene; they are also used for the hat rack, in order to avoid risks of deformations and improve their aesthetic appearance.

The steel reinforced nylon joints, with a thickness of 8 mm, applied during the forming stage, guarantee, differently from all metal one, a perfect hold even in case of conditions of particular stress.

The requested colour variations are obtained with the application of different laminate inserts. The nylon joints guarantee total structural sturdiness even in case of abnormal stress conditions caused by the user.

  1. The supporting structure is made of 15 microns anodized aluminium square profile sections (35x35 m)
  2. Aluminium slats anodized finish sight layered laminate of 0.9 mm
  3. 8 mm reinforced steel nylon joining elements. Nickel plated brass bolts.
  4. High resistance performed plastic coat hangers (tested with 50 kg ballast)
  5. Adjustable nylon covered stainless steel feet