SERIES   - CODE 717-02

WEIGHT: kg 43
VOLUME: cubic metres 0.78

No. of cases: 8

Internal equipment of each compartment:

  1. 1 shelf as large as the whole case
  2. 1 central partition
  3. 1 shelf at the bottom as large as the whole case
  4. coat-hanger rod under the top shelf
  5. card holder on the door

Standard closing systems available:
  1. padlock hadle
  2. key lock with double key
Standard colour body: RAL 7035
Standard colour doors: RAL 7035

Lockers with feet and double door. Framework in first choice structural sheet steel thivkness 6/10. 4 opposite doors to save space. Shoes compartment separated from clothes compartment. Doors made by strengthened panels fitted with aeration slits at the top and bottom. Special theft-proof internal hinges. Rounded edge with bending radius 6 mm.
Slots on the roof to allow excellent air circulation.
Surface treatment with heavy iron phosphate as a preparation for painting, which is done by anodic electroplating with guaranteed thickness on every part of the unit. Cross-linking in a kiln at 180o .
Use of Acrylic paint with high corrosion resistance in accordance with A.S.T.M.B. 117.64 standars and following releases.

  1. Sloping top
  2. Shelf for shoes at the bottom
  3. Nylon or metal clothes hangers
  4. Anti-corrosion plastic shells for feet
  5. Adjustable front feet and shells for back feet
  6. Skirting
  7. Different locking systems (freewheeling padlock handle / lock with push-button / 3 Point. locking system / combination lock / electronic lock / coin lock)
  8. High Pressure Laminate doors thickness 8 mm
  9. Particleboard doors thickness 18 mm
  10. Door colour as in the table below