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Municipal Stadium of Kalymnos and 5×5 field

Another stadium in our country bears the signature of Actionplay. Our company contributed to the reconstruction of the synthetic turf and track and field at the Municipal Stadium of Kalymnos, supplying and installing the project’s sports floors. Specifically, 6,700m2 of synthetic FIFA QUALITY PRO turf and 4,600m2 of track and field surface with synthetic (tartan) spay coated carpet certified by World Athletics were installed. The project was completed with the supply and installation of the triple jump valve and perimeter curb, with all materials bearing the World Athletics seal of approval.

At the same time and within the framework of the project “REPAIR – MAINTENANCE OF THE 5X5 FIELD OF N. KALYMNOS“, Actionplay replaced the sports floor with 924m2 of synthetic turf corresponding to that of the Municipal Stadium.

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