Sports Facilities Equipment

Our company has all the required equipment for sports facilities, open stadiums and indoor gyms.

– Football equipment (Goal posts of all sizes with their respective nets, corner flags, alternate benches, etc.)
– Basketball equipment (FIBA floor basketball systems, wall-mounted, Olympic type, secretarial equipment, alternate benches, etc.)
– Track and field equipment (mattresses, posts, obstacles, jumpers, photo finish, throwing instruments, etc.)
– Tennis equipment (posts, nets, athletes’ benches, set of stripes for clay courts, maintenance equipment)
– Volleyball equipment (posts, nets, referee chairs)
– Handball equipment (Goal posts, nets)
– Natatorium and swimming pool equipment
– Table tennis equipment
– Badminton equipment
– Instrumental – rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline equipment
– Martial arts equipment
– Weight lifting equipment

– Beach sports equipment
– Electronic scoreboards of all sports
– Stand seats
– Specialized training equipment for all sports
– Wardrobe equipment (Cabinets – Benches)
– Metal stands
– Athletes protection tunnel
– Field dividers
– Protective mattresses

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