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The perfect know-how of the commercial and technical staff, together with the proven experience, with more than 1000 facilities throughout Greece, allows Actionplay to provide its customers with a comprehensive sports floor consulting service.

– Football Synthetic Turf (FIFA QUALITY, FIFA QUALITY PRO)

Having exclusive cooperation with a company that produces synthetic turf FIFA PREFERED PRODUCER, we deliver high quality stadiums. We provide FIFA Quality-FIFA Quality Pro certification systems that meet the highest standards (EN 15330, DIN 18035, NFP90-112, REACHReg.), With proven durability and the lowest environmental impact during the manufacturing and installation process.
Whatever your need, you can be sure that you will always have the quality you need.

– Tennis Synthetic Turf (ITF)

We build tennis courts with synthetic turf according to ITF classifications. This means that you can choose between products with slow, medium or fast bounce characteristics. All offered surfaces meet the most stringent requirements in terms of game quality. We have a range of products and threads that are adapted for professional use, top performance or even recreational use.

– Multisport Synthetic turf
When faced with a lack of space or limited resources, multi-purpose surfaces are the ideal solution. This type of synthetic turf is made of polypropylene UVS fibers with a special elastic substrate. It is placed on an existing smooth surface. It is ideal for combining the sports of tennis, basketball, volleyball and other sports (Multisport) in the same place. It is applied in schools, universities, sports centers and public places.

– Acrylic floors

We have all-weather sports flooring systems with high durability and maximum resistance to ultraviolet radiation. We provide systems with ITF certification that meet the highest standards (EN 14877, Fire Resistance – class Bfl-s2, etc.). Each system can be adapted to the sport for which it is to be used, in order to achieve the desired bounce of the ball and its controlled speed. Acrylic systems are widely used for tennis courts, outdoor playgrounds and skating rinks. We offer a wide range of systems from hard to high performance surfaces and can be installed on both asphalt and concrete.

– Clay tennis courts
A unique combination of synthetic surface with clay filling. This durable tennis court surface delivers the ultimate ball-track bounce effect. This unique complex perfectly mimics the natural clay courts without the high maintenance requirements. In addition, it can be used to turn an existing hard court (even in poor condition) into a dirt court. Its unique technology creates a uniform, homogeneous and attractive hybrid earthy tennis court which, unlike traditional stadiums, prevents holes and cracks in the surface.

– Polyurethane floors

Choosing the right sports floor is one of the most important aspects of designing sports activities. Polyurethane sports flooring systems are completed with the application of 4 different polyurethane components on a prefabricated SBR anti-vibration roller, variable thickness 4-10mm. We provide systems that have been approved by the F.I.V.B. (International Volleyball Federation), F.I.B.A. (International Basketball Federation), I.H.F. (International Handball Federation) and B.W.F. (Badminton World Federation) and meet the highest standards (EN14904, Fire Resistance – class Bfl-s2, EN 13036, EN 14808, Formaldehydeemission: Class E1, etc).

– Wooden floors (parquet)

We offer prefabricated systems, which have been approved by the F.I.B.A. (International Basketball Federation) and higher standards are met (EN 13501, EN 14904, DIN 18032, etc). Our prefabricated wooden sports floors have undergone rigorous rolling and spot load tests to demonstrate their ability to withstand both rolling loads (basketball rolling) and high frequency and varied sport use.
The combination of wood with other materials (rubber, plastic, foam), is the result of research and technological innovation, so you give us the opportunity to suggest functional parquet sports systems, designed for every situation (school use, indoor gym, multipurpose room, dance, etc.).
In addition, we manufacture wooden sports floor of Indoor Gym or training areas, according to the specifications of the General Secretariat of Sports. It is a completely wooden construction system, which in order to ensure the special behavioral characteristics for the intended sports use, generally consists of two distinct layers – subsystems (ascent and final coating).

– Synthetic track and field surfaces – multisport

Whether it’s mass sports venues or racing stages, we offer systems that provide the ideal qualities to meet your expectations.
Their wear resistance, safety and long-lasting elasticity provide the perfect basis for success in sports and beyond. Our systems are inspected and certified according to DIN, EN and IAAF standards and meet or exceed all relevant environmental regulations (REACH – PAH). All floor systems are based on polyurethane resins that are highly resistant to changing weather conditions, including temperatures and ultraviolet radiation.

– PVC with thickness 2mm – 10mm

Exercise offers many benefits to the human body. However, an important event that can substantially affect the benefits of a workout is the environment (including the surface of the gym), where this activity takes place. Thanks to the excellent shock absorption, PVC floors provide a long-term protection for athletes’ joints and cartilage during regular sports activities. They include special foam support for maximum vertical deformation, increasing comfort and reducing the risk of bodily injury.
The unique design of the surface ensures a balanced level of friction that facilitates rapid change of direction and reduces the risk of slipping..
We provide systems that have been approved by the F.I.V.B. (International Volleyball Federation), F.I.B.A. (International Basketball Federation), I.H.F. (International Handball Federation) and B.W.F. (Badminton World Federation) and meet the highest standards (EN14904, EN 13501, etc.).

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