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  • Ανακατασκευή γηπέδου ποδοσφαίρου Φιλύρου / Reconstruction of Filyro's football field
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actionplay DCIM/102MEDIA/DJI 0088.JPGDCIM/102MEDIA/DJI 0092.JPGDCIM/102MEDIA/DJI 0080.JPGactionplay syntheticturf fifaquality filiro 9actionplay syntheticturf fifaquality filiro 10DCIM/102MEDIA/DJI 0096.JPGDCIM/102MEDIA/DJI 0097.JPGDCIM/102MEDIA/DJI 0095.JPGΑνακατασκευή γηπέδου ποδοσφαίρου Φιλύρου / Reconstruction of Filyro's football fieldactionplay syntheticturf fifaquality filiro 3actionplay syntheticturf fifaquality filiroactionplay syntheticturf fifaquality filiro 2actionplay syntheticturf fifaquality filiro 8actionplay syntheticturf fifaquality filiro 7actionplay syntheticturf fifaquality filiro 6

Reconstruction of a football field in Filyro

Actionplay is well established and renowned for its reliability, high quality, flexibility and unsurpassed technology used in the field of sports facility construction.


To date, he has completed with the best possible results projects of very high requirements and technical specifications, thus satisfying the high requirements and specifications set by each customer. Actionplay is proud of the trust placed in it by its customers, which is proven by the fact that they continue to choose it for high-demand projects.


The technical company ATRACTOS O.E. as the contractor of the project “Reconstruction of the football field in Filiro”, entrusted our company with the supply, installation and certification by an authorized FIFA laboratory of a synthetic turf system with a pile height of 60mm.

Our company as the exclusive agent of the leading company Saltex Oy, supplied and installed the leading Saltex MTRX Ultra 60 system.
A model inspired by nature, Saltex has created the most natural look and feel for play than any other synthetic turf model available. The unique MTRX knitting technique ensures natural player-surface interaction, minimizes padding ‘splash’ and offers the least possible padding compression and proper ball bounce due to premium fiber quality with 360° support.


What MTRX technology offers:
• Reduces ball bounce by 6.1% compared to standard tufted artificial grass.
• The standard deviation in ball roll in all four directions is only 0.2m.
• Allows greater movement of filler materials, which prevents compaction.
• Reinforcement of the weave thanks to the unique Matrix and Saltex PU PowerBacking technique.
• Reduces rolling resistance by 18.9% compared to standard tufted artificial grass.
• Due to the unique design and selected materials, Saltex MTRX is 100% recyclable.


After the completion of the installation work, an authorized FIFA laboratory certified both the level of work of the system’s bearing surface and the correct execution of the installation work of the offered system. Thus the Municipality of Pylaia – Hortiatis, after the Karabournioti stadium in Pylaia, acquired yet another assessed sports surface at the high level of FIFA QUALITY. In this way, it was ensured that our company delivered a certified, safe and smooth playing surface!


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