Sports floors and sports equipment in schools of the Municipality of Xanthi

Actionplay, after the awarding of the supply entitled “SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF EQUIPMENT FOR THE REPAIR, MAINTENANCE OF SCHOOL BUILDINGS & COURTYARDS FOR THE UPGRADING OF THE SCHOOL UNITS OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF XANTHI GROUP A: ATHLETICS FLOORS (INDOOR-OUTDOOR) – SPORTS EQUIPMENT’, supplied and installed in 17 schools of the Municipality of Xanthi, acrylic sports floors for basketball and volleyball courts with an anti-vibration cast substrate, total thickness 8mm, sports polyurethane flooring 12mm thick in school gymnasiums, sports equipment such as Olympic-style basketballs, height-adjustable rolling basketballs, aluminum volleyball posts and protective wall mats.


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Στοιχεία Επικοινωνίας

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