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actionplay actionplay syntheticturf chios kallimasia 3 1actionplay syntheticturf chios kallimasia 4actionplay syntheticturf chios kallimasiaactionplay syntheticturf chios kallimasia 5actionplay syntheticturf chios kardamula 1actionplay syntheticturf chios kardamula 2actionplay syntheticturf chios kardamula 3actionplay syntheticturf chios kardamula 4actionplay syntheticturf chios before after

Synthetic turf in fields of the Municipality of Chios

Our company is very proud of the completion of the supply and installation in 2 stadiums of the Municipality of Chios, ready to use synthetic turf of FIFA QUALITY PRO specifications of the company Saltex Oy, one of the top 7 producers in the world and full member of the European Organization for Synthetics lawns (ESTO – European Synthetic Turf Organization).

The existing turf was dismantled at the Kallimasia stadium and the Kardamyla stadium and with special attention and care in the sports facilities of the Municipality of Chios and creating appropriate and safe infrastructure, Actionplay has supplied and installed the most recognized, unique and high quality synthetic turf, which has the validity of the world-famous company Saltex Oy!

The turf is manufactured and tested according to the current quality program of FIFA (FIFA QUALITY PROGRAM 2015), 100% of the latest generation of polyethylene fibers TenCate Monoslide Classic XQ, with protection against ultraviolet rays and high temperature, while the construction of its pile is tassel, from a combination of single-strand fibers of the latest technology.

The uniqueness of this artificial turf by Saltex Oy is complemented by the fact that the method of placing fibers on the substrate is carried out by the MATRIX® method, where the fibers are not placed one by one on the substrate, at a predetermined distance from each other, but by 48 threads per bundle, so that at least 9200 tufts are created per 2300 bundles. This creates less condensation and free movement of the fillers.

The fibers create a pile height of 60 mm and are anchored inside the capital, completely water-permeable base, from double layer of polypropylene (PP) fabric and are particularly strongly bonded to the surface by polyurethane and not LATEX.

This football synthrtic mat is completely safe for its intended use, particularly durable in use, fully meeting the laboratory requirements of the FIFA Quality Plan (October 2015) for the FIFA Quality classification category & FIFA Quality Pro.

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