The Municipalities of the country are invited by Actionplay to participate in the program “Antonis Tritsis”, undertaking the full drafting of technical and financial study of their premises.


The well-known sports equipment and playground equipment company, Actionplay, is undertaking the complete drafting of a technical and financial study and the submission of a complete file to the new subsidized program “Antonis Tritsis”, inviting the Local Government to seize the opportunity to be included in the new program, giving to their citizens upgraded sports facilities and recreation areas for children.

actionplay acrylic athletic flooring basketball volley
Ακρυλικό αθλητικό δάπεδο / Acrylic sports floor

The new program “Antonis Tritsis” with a total of 11 actions / invitations and about 5,000 projects, with a total budget of 2.5 billion, gives all municipalities and municipal communities in the country the opportunity to become a true pole of attraction for their citizens, creating or upgrading open sports facilities and recreation areas for children, with the aim of improving services and child safety, but also free access for people with disabilities.
Specifically, the said invitation of the program “Antonis Tritsis” to the Local Government concerns:
“Open spaces, a program to upgrade sports facilities, recreation for children, with the aim of improving the services provided and the safety of children. This invitation also includes the program for the free access for people with disabilities on our shores and seas, with a budget of 40 million. “

Σύνθετο όργανο παιδικής χαράς / Multiplay composition for playgrounds
Σύνθετο όργανο παιδικής χαράς / Multiplay composition for playgrounds

This is exactly the invitation that Actionplay supports, inviting all the Municipalities of the country to take action for the benefit of their citizens!

With many years of experience and successful presence in the fields of construction of sports facilities and playgrounds, Actionplay undertakes with reliability and responsibility the drafting and submission
• Technical Study
• Financial Budget
• Reporting Technical Specifications
to upgrade or build both sports facilities and outdoor gyms, as well as playgrounds and amusement parks for children and adults, equipping the areas with certified safe equipment from the well-known Italian company TLF srl, providing all the necessary quality certificates and strictly following all European certifications.

Συνθετικός χλοοτάπητας ποδοσφαίρου / Football synthetic turf
Συνθετικός χλοοτάπητας ποδοσφαίρου / Football synthetic turf

Actionplay, with well-trained commercial and technical staff and proven experience having more than 1000 sports facilities and leisure facilities and playgrounds throughout Greece, provides comprehensive counseling services starting with the feasibility study and step-by-step suggestions with visits to the premises of the Municipalities and proceeding with the implementation of each installation according to the special needs and requirements of time, space and budget of each space.

More specifically, Actionplay invites all Municipalities of the country to participate in the program “Antonis Tritsis”, stooping with sensitivity and respect for the special and different needs of their citizens, using aesthetically and environmentally any available free space, proceeding to create outdoor gyms and outdoor sports facilities and the supply and installation of safe and certified playground equipment, which enhances the activities of all children with nature and the environment, without exclusions for young and old friends with special abilities!

In each Municipality that will embrace this action of the “Antonis Tritsis” program, strengthening the daily activities of all citizens and putting quality first in the daily life of young and old, Actionplay undertakes with a sense of responsibility:


 Study and construction of sports facilities according to the specifications of FIFA, FIBA, FIVB, ITF, IAAF, etc. and General Secretariat of Sports (Basketball, football, mini football 5X5, tennis, volleyball, handball, etc)
 Supply and installation of sports equipment (goal posts, basketball systems, nets, tennis and volleyball nets, stands, substitute benches, etc.)
 Study of playgrounds and city equipment
 Supply and installation of playgrounds
 Supply and installation of urban equipment
 Floor applications (synthetic turf, polyurethane floors, acrylics, wood, PVC, synthetic track surfaces and safety floors)

actionplay organapaidikonxaron deskati 7
Όργανα παιδικής χαράς / Playground equipment

Through decades of experience, the Actionplay team emphasizes that municipalities and municipal communities that have operated with respect for their citizens, having created green and alternative entertainment venues, outdoor gyms and outdoor sports venues, safe playgrounds, children’s playgrounds and creative apes placing suitable and certified corresponding equipment, they saw not only their citizens “embracing” these initiatives, but also the municipal authorities themselves enjoying unlimited appreciation on their faces.
The country’s Municipalities and Municipal communities now have the opportunity to restore the lost confidence that both the difficult economic times and the crisis of the pandemic created in their citizens, to restore in the best possible way the normal flow of daily life in the neighborhoods of municipalities and to enhance the physical and mental health of their citizens!

Αθλητικός εξοπλισμός / Sports equipment
Αθλητικός εξοπλισμός / Sports equipment

Today more than ever, it is a right and an obligation of every municipal authority to directly listen to the needs and to give practical solutions and feasible answers to the new reality, creatively using the free time of young and old, strengthening the sports , playground and park infrastructures and contributing decisively to strengthening a better quality of life for their citizens!

Actionplay is pleased to offer a steady and reliable helping hand in this development effort of every municipality in the country, ensuring in small and large, beautiful and functional rejuvenation spaces, safe spaces with all the necessary certifications and strictly adhering to European regulations, that inspire citizens and enhance their creativity.

With reliability, responsibility and absolute respect for man, Actionplay is once again next to all the Municipalities and municipal communities of the country!

It is up to each Municipality to take advantage of this action of the “Antonis Tritsis” program, offering their citizens what they deserve!

We are by your side at every step of development!

Στοιχεία Επικοινωνίας

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