New improved laying services for track and field, playground and synthetic turf from the well-known Actionplay


New improved services for paving track, playgrounds and synthetic turf are now provided by the well-known company of sports equipment and playground equipment, Actionplay, having proceeded to the purchase of new corresponding equipment of advanced technology and having already completed similar projects.

This new specialized robotic equipment marks Actionplay but also the area in which the company operates, a new era in the quality construction of synthetic turf fields, track and field surfaces and wet-poured safety floors for playgrounds, while it is part of a series of investment activities, in order to enhance the services it offers, thus ensuring the provision of more quality and reliable services and while improving the quality of customer service, which is the main goal of the company.

actionplay mixing machine trackandfield 1
Mixer of materials for the laying of track and field and playground floors

The new equipment includes the following machines:

actionplay paver machine trackandfield
Material spreading machine for track and field surfaces
  • Paver Machine 250cm: Material spreading machine for track and field surfaces
  • Paver Machine 130cm: Material spreading machine for playground surfaces
  • Spray Machine: Polyurethane and EPDM spraying machine for making track and field surfaces with the spray coating method
  • Mixing Machine: Mixer of materials for the laying of track and field and playground floors
  • Sandmatic: Semi-automatic robotic machine for filling and maintaining synthetic turf
  • Spreader: Synthetic turf filling bin
  • Triangle brush: Triangular synthetic turf maintenance brush


Actionplay, investing in specialized equipment of advanced technology and training in its use its technical staff, is proud to be able to offer upgraded and even more complete, quality and reliable services in the construction of sports facilities, outdoor gyms, playgrounds and amusement parks for children and adults.

Ταρτάν στίβου
Track and field coating

The addition of new robotic track paving equipment, playgrounds safety floors and synthetic turf, mixing materials, spraying and filling and maintenance of synthetic turf to the existing equipment of Actionplay, is an important step towards the further modernization of the necessary functions of the company for the upgrade or construction of track and field courts, enhancing the durability, productivity and safety of the constructions undertaken by the company.

Actionplay, having already utilized the new equipment in respective construction projects, has already managed to achieve:
• Significant improvement in the provided quality of its works
• Significant reduction in service time and completion of constructions
• Excellent levels of durability of structures significantly increasing their service life
• Reliable, guaranteed result through the robotic use of the equipment, avoiding human errors
• Minimization of construction maintenance costs
• Significant enhancement of the satisfaction level of its customers

Χυτά δάπεδα ασφαλείας
Wet-poured safety floors

The Actionplay Co-Owner, Mr. Socrates Sfakianakis expressed his absolute satisfaction for the quality result of the projects already completed with the use of this new specialized equipment of advanced technology for the laying of track and field and playground floors and stressed that new technologies are an integral part of the company’s commitment to provide high quality services aimed at the construction of projects with greater durability and lifespan and with minimal maintenance costs.

At the same time, Actionplay Co-Owner, Mr. Thanassis Toloudis touched on the particularly important issue of suitability and absolute safety of structures with long life and absolutely guaranteed result, giving special weight to the great impact that a quality construction of a stadium or a children’s playground has in exercise and entertainment of young and old, significantly enhancing the quality of life of citizens, offering projects with respect to man, projects that enhance the activities of citizens with nature and the environment but also their physical and mental health, without exclusions.




H Actionplay has already completed the construction of projects with the new advanced equipment, giving publicity to three of them. Specifically:

 • Track and field construction at the Municipal Stadium of Gastouni
Six-way track and field coating with the spray coating methodg.

Ταρτάν Δημοτικού Σταδίου Γαστούνης / Track and field in Gastouni


• Synthetic turf in Vonitsa
Supply and installation of synthetic turf at the Vonitsa stadium.

Συνθετικός χλοοτάπητας Βόνιτσας / Synthetic turf in Vonitsa


Wet-poured safety floors in the Municipality of Filiates
Supply and installation of wet-poured safety floors in playgrounds of the Municipality of Filiates, certified according to EN1176-1, EN1177, EN71-3.

Χυτά δάπεδα ασφαλείας Δήμου Φιλιατών / Wet-poured safety floors in Municipality of Filiates


The Actionplay team emphasizes that despite the challenges posed by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the company remains committed to its investment strategy, utilizing technology and respecting the environment, contributing in practice and reliably to the creation of sports fields, green spaces and alternative entertainment, outdoor gyms, outdoor sports facilities, children’s parks and creative spaces for minors, with appropriate and certified equipment, with high quality services, fast and with flexibility!


We remain by your side in every step of development!


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