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The full drafting of technical and economic study, supply and installation of playground equipment within the Funding Program “Environmental Balance Actions” of the priority axis “Urban Revitalization & Other actions of Environmental Balance” for the years 2021-2022 is undertaken by the well-known company of sports equipment and playground equipment, Actionplay, inviting the Local Government of the country to seize the opportunity to join the new program, giving citizens, new and upgraded playground areas.

The new program “Urban Revitalization & Other actions of Environmental Balance” for the years 2021-2022 with a total budget of 56 million euros, gives all the municipalities and municipal communities of the country the opportunity to emerge as a real pole of attraction of their citizens, with integrated regeneration projects and green spaces, through 2 different actions, creating more hospitable and qualitatively upgraded urban spaces and thus creating the necessary conditions for a better quality of life for the citizens of the whole country.

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Specifically, this call for the “Urban Revitalization & Other actions of Environmental Balance for the years 2021-2022 to the Local Government concerns:
– Interventions in the urban area
– Smart Parks
– Stream arrangement works
– Creating or upgrading playgrounds
– Renovation / upgrading of building facades
– Configuration of vehicle parking spaces
– Upgrading schoolyards



This call is supported by Actionplay , calling on all Municipalities of the country to take active action for the benefit of the citizens τους!

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With decades of experience and a successful presence in the fields of construction of safe and aesthetically upgraded playgrounds with international certifications, Actionplay undertakes, with reliability and responsibility, the drafting and filing
• Technical Study
• Financial Budget
• Technical Specifications Report
for the upgrading or construction of playgrounds and amusement parks for children and adults , equipping the spaces with certified safe equipment from the world-renowned Italian company TLF srl and safe wet-poured, rubber and anti-vibration safety floors, providing all the required quality certificates and strictly following all European certifications.

Actionplay, with well-trained commercial and technical staff and proven decades of experience, provides comprehensive consulting services starting from feasibility study and the step-by-step proposals with visits to the premises of the Municipalities and proceeding to the implementation of each installation according to the special needs and requirements of time, space and budget.

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In every Municipality that will embrace this action of the new program, Actionplayundertakes with a sense of responsibility:

 Study of playgrounds and urban equipment
 Supply and installation of playground equipment
 Supply and installation of urban equipment
 Safety flooring applications (synthetic turf, polyurethane floors, acrylic, wood, PVC, synthetic track surfaces and safety floors)

Actionplay, with a central focus on variety in games, to ensure the creative employment of children, but also the creation of alternative opportunities for play and education for all ages, cooperates with the well-known Italian playground production company TLF srl, providing playground equipment that complies with the standards EN1176: 2008 . The items are produced under quality control systems certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO45001, ISO50001 and strictly follow the European certifications FSC and PEFC .

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Baby and toddler swings, slides, multiplay compositions and springs with elephants and ducklings, seesaws – all mounted on safety floors – but also street workout sports equipment, benches, lighting fixtures, trash cans, fences and information boards, create places for rejuvenation and play, which young and old can now enjoy with great joy.

The playgrounds undertaken by Actionplaythroughout Greece, are not only built with a special emphasis on safety and durability, but also offer our little friends attractive and fun ways that turn safety into fun, innocent play into a comprehensive educational activity!

Emphasizing the safety of each space it undertakes, Actionplayutilizes wet poured safety floors that create a resilient, colorful floor, high strength and aesthetics, in a variety of shades, certified according to European Standards EN1176-1, EN1177, EN 71-3 & amp; Regulation 1907/2006 / EC, as well as its amendment 1272/2013 / EU on the parameter “Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons” – PAH in the whole construction and not only in the upper layer.


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wet poured safety floors are mixed and installed on site, placed in any shape, either on a specially made base of crushed material, or on asphalt or concrete (even old), made of recycled rubber and the top layer consists of finer grains of EPDM, while available in many attractive colors.







The synthetic playground turf system – Safegrass system – with artificial turf and resilient surfaces with foam backing and fall protection surfaces, ensure the creating spaces for joy and fun in a safe way, which increase the creative expression of children, but also their physical, social and cognitive development.



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The rubber anti-vibration safety plates used by Actionplayare basically a mixture of concentrated and recyclable natural rubber granules with colored polyurethane, with environmentally friendly materials, without hazardous substances, ready and completely safe to use in playgrounds, protecting 100% of children’s integrity.




Child safety is always the top priority of Actionplay in the playgrounds it builds!

The team of Actionplayemphasizes that the municipalities and municipal communities that operated with respect for their citizens, having created green and alternative entertainment venues, outdoor gyms and outdoor sports facilities, safe playgrounds and creative playgrounds, fitting appropriate and certified equipment, saw not only their citizens “embrace” these initiatives, but also enjoy unlimited appreciation in their face.

Today more than ever, it is the right and obligation of every municipal authority to immediately listen to the needs and give practical solutions and feasible answers to the new reality, creatively utilizing the free time of young and old, strengthening the spaces of municipalities with appropriate playground infrastructure and parks, contributing significantly to enhancing a better quality of life for their citizens!

Actionplay, with respect for people and the environment, having in its assets more than 1000 sports facilities and facilities for recreation and children’s parks throughout Greece continues to offer a stable and reliable helping hand in this development effort of each municipality of the country, ensuring beautiful and functional rejuvenation spaces , safe places with all the necessary certifications and strictly observing the European regulations, places that inspire the citizens and enhance their creativity.

We are by your side in every step of development!

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