Actionplay completed the reinforcement and installation of safe sports equipment and sports synthetic floors in 6 school complexes in the Municipality of Kalamaria


The management and staff of the well-known company for the construction of sports floors, sports equipment and playground equipment, Actionplay, are particularly proud, for recently completing a program of key interventions and significant support of six school complexes of the Municipality of Kalamaria Thessaloniki with certified sports floor and sports equipment, with the most modern security standards.

actionplay acrylicsportsfloors 13dimotiko kalamaria 2
13th Primary School

Actionplay – with many years of know-how and decades of experience in the supply and installation of equipment for open-air sports facilities and indoor gyms – undertook after a tender and completed just the previous month all the necessary interventions for the repair of worn sports floors, the supply and installation of sports synthetic carpet with 6mm anti-vibration substrate, with their necessary delineation and replacement of sports equipment, with total budget 229.834 €.

actionplay acrylicsportsfloors 11odimotiko kalamaria
11th Primary school

The aim of the work was to improve the sports facilities for the development of leisure and sports activities for students in safe conditions, a goal that was fully achieved with the support of Actionplay!

With a deep sense of responsibility towards the environment, but also with a special sensitivity towards the students, Actionplay gave special attention and care to the school premises that needed corrections, creating the appropriate and safe conditions that further enhance the sports activity of students and equipping these spaces with appropriate equipment in accordance with applicable European standards.

Specifically, Actionplay equipped the six school complexes of the Municipality of Kalamaria with:

– Sports synthetic floor with anti-vibration substrate
– Olympic type basketball board, external dimensions 1800-1050 mm
– Hoops and nets
– Wall-mounted basketball systems with cantilever 50-100 cm.
– Protective corners from SBR on curbs near the courts for the safety of students and coaches,

decently covering all the requirements and technical specifications of the project «SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF SPORTS EQUIPMENT IN SCHOOLS OF A/GRADE AND B/GRADE EDUCATION OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF KALAMARIA», a project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

8ο Γυμνάσιο & 7ο Λύκειο
8th Middle School & 7th High School

The project is part of the Operational Program of Central Macedonia “Investment in education, skills acquisition and lifelong learning” entitled “Strengthening sports equipment and improving accessibility for people with disabilities in primary and secondary schools in the intervention area of the Sustainable Urban Development Strategy of the Metropolitan Unit of Thessaloniki».

It is worth noting that all the equipment of the sports facilities of the 6 schools of the Municipality of Kalamaria that was installed, fully complies with the standards EN 1270 for basketballs and EN 1090-1: 2012 of the basketball manufacturer, while strictly following the standards ISO 9001: 2015 for the supply and installation of synthetic carpets for sports fields.

Actionplay, with appetite and passion and making every effort, managed to complete the required project in all 6 school complexes of the Municipality of Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, utilizing the summer months when the schools remained closed and achieving with the beginning of the new school year to offer our little friends brand new, suitable and safe sports infrastructure!

actionplay acrylicfloors kalamaria slider 2
4th & 5th High School

«”Working with the motivation of strengthening the sports ideal in the students of our country, we are always proud when we put our own stone in the effort of the municipalities of our country to create modern sports infrastructure in schools, making sports an integral part of students’ lives.” stressed the co-owner of Actionplay, Mr. Socrates Sfakianakis.

«This pride becomes a real joy seeing the happy faces of the students of the 6 school complexes of the Municipality of Kalamaria Thessaloniki, when they saw upgraded and safe sports facilities in their schools on the very first day they went to their schools this year “, continued Mr. Sfakianakis.

Reliability and respect for people reflects the philosophy of Actionplay from the beginning of its foundation and is reflected in all the projects of the company!

actionplay acrylicsportsfloors 3ogymnasiolukeio kalamaria 3
3rd Middle and High School

Actionplay always remains by the side of the Municipalities of our country, offering every possible support at every level that concerns the enhancement of sports education, physical exercise and training of young and old and the entertainment of citizens with projects of sports activities and playgrounds, that decisively enhance the quality of life and physical and mental health of citizens, young and old!

We could not miss and give our warm congratulations to the Municipality of Kalamaria Thessaloniki, not only for the full cooperation with Actionplay, but also for all the efforts of the officials of the Municipality to give the students what they really deserve, they succeeded!

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