With a complete focus on the spread of sports since its inception, the well-known company of playground equipment and sports equipment Actionplay is always next to every sports activity, putting its own stone in the development of every form of sport with the design and construction of respective sports facilities that provide safety, endurance and are fully compliant with all European standards.

This time, the company gives a resounding “yes” to the most developing sport in the world, which is expected to be the next Olympic sport, PADEL.

With the basic message “sport is life”, Actionplay could not remain inactive in the most fun, fast, explosive, unique sport of PADEL, a sport that combines tennis, squash and racket and can be played by all ages, from 5 year olds to 75 year old veterans, without special knowledge and without special physical condition.

Having signed dozens of sports facilities in municipalities and regions of our country, the Actionplay built the first PADEL stadium in Corfu, in a city with a long history in the sport of tennis, in a city that many do not know that it was there that a tennis match was first held in Greece in 1896.

actionplay aeolosresort padel 3

The Corfu Tennis Club has modern facilities consisting of 5 tennis courts with synthetic turf, certified by ITF , and bears the signature of Actionplay , while the company also built the first PADEL stadium of the island in the hotel AEOLOS resort .

At AEOLOS resort, the company completed the construction of a suitable, organized and specially designed PADEL stadium, thus strengthening the specific sport and offering young and old the joy that this sport gives.

The biggest advantage of PADEL is that it can be played by people of all ages, while most players have a good understanding of the game within the first 20 minutes, easily gaining a satisfactory level so that they can enjoy it.


Having gained great popularity in Greece, mainly due to the simplicity but also the similarities it presents with existing sports that use rackets, the sport of PADEL is fast and easy to understand and is less physically demanding.

It is worth noting that PADEL, as it is a sport that does not require special physical condition, gives the opportunity to men and women to compete with each other, since physical strength is not a dominant factor in determining the winner..

Actionplay, true to its vision of enhancing the sporting ideal, enhances in every way possible the explosive and this special sport of PADEL, with the creation of organized and specially designed PADEL courts that meet all the necessary European standards and with the know-how it has acquired after years of specialization in the construction of sports facilities and playgrounds throughout Greece.

In each model of PADEL stadiums with the signature of Actionplay , the durable construction, the high quality, the safety in use but also high quality building materials are a priority and clear elements.

Absolutely oriented to both the high quality of construction and the perfect aesthetic design with respect to the environment, the company achieves the ideal combination of high architecture and environmental sensitivity in every PADEL stadium that bears its signature and not only.

The models used by Actionplay in every PADEL stadium construction include the following models:

actionplay aeolosresort padel



Consisting of 26 support pillars of tempered glass, it is the economical and at the same time quality solution in the construction of PADEL stadium. This model was selected and manufactured by Actionplay at the AEOLOS RESORT hotel in Corfu.




actionplay fairplay padel



This model is the special proposal of Actionplay, a solution that meets higher needs, such needs that require increased vision on the nearby sides of the field, as there are no suspensions on the small side. The Euroglass Vision version consists of 18 support posts and 12mm thick tempered glass. This model was selected and manufactured by Actionplay at the Fairplay tennis club in Thessaloniki.




It should not be overlooked that the construction of the stadiums is completed with the installation of synthetic turf, suitable specifications for PADEL (12-15mm) and the corresponding sports equipment.

The creation of organized and specially designed PADEL courts is a way through which the company contributes to the spread of a new highly social and fun game and invites all of you to take a racket and a ball and start playing, for the purpose of sport, joy and well-being, improving health and building new social relationships, at a time when solidarity and teamwork are needed more than ever.

Actionplay, committed to supporting sports in every way, is and will continue to be on the ramparts of every sport and strengthen in every way and each of its projects , those points that can be a pole of attraction for young and old, thus improving the groupness and sociability of citizens!



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