In the era of pandemics, Actionplay moves forward with its motto “With Safety and Responsibility”


Going through the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now commonly accepted that the business reality has changed.

The reality as we knew it has changed, forcing every business to respond to new data, to adapt to new unprecedented conditions, with flexibility and strategy, security and social responsibility.

This is exactly the new slogan of Actionplay in the era of the pandemic ..
“With safety and Responsibility”!

The “family” philosophy of Actionplay, an important element of which is that every partner, supplier and employee is an active member of a large team with a common vision and goals, becomes a necessity, vital and ultimately aimed at protecting the highest good , the health of the company team, its associates and society as a whole.

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Όργανα παιδικής χαράς Αλεξανδρούπολη /

With the urgent need to protect society as a whole, Actionplay continues to operate smoothly, adopting new operating models and having developed from the beginning a comprehensive strategy of resilience, including actions, both immediate and long-term, at each stage of its operation, from supply up to the installation of sports equipment, playgrounds, sports floors and safety floors, inside and outside its environment.

With particular sensitivity in matters of corporate social responsibility, Actionplay continues its communication with its work and customer environment, the construction processes of the projects it has undertaken throughout Greece, the correct and timely service of its customers, respecting all the necessary safety and health protection measures of both its employees and associates, as well as its customers!

Demonstrating the necessary flexibility to new conditions and admirable readiness, the Actionplay focuses on more responsible practices as:
• Emphasis on crisis management practices and business continuity
• Emphasis on employee health and safety
• Promoting greater support for the health and well-being of employees and associates
• Reduce business travel by incorporating remote work acceptance where possible
• Implement flexible customer service practices
• Commitment to social welfare issues for vulnerable social groups

In particular, Actionplay – ISO50001 certified – has taken immediate action, as provided by the already designed overall resilience and crisis management strategy implemented by the company, among which is:

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Ακρυλικά αθλητικά δάπεδα ΔΟΠΑΡ

Immediate implementation of telework and suspension of work for the staff

The company proceeded from the first wave of the pandemic and before the imposition of rules with legislative acts, in the adoption of teleworking models for most of its administrative and support staff. With modern software and technological platforms of teleworking, the company ensures the safety and health of its employees, having most of its staff working from home, suspending part of the staff and keeping only security staff in its offices.

Disinfection of workplaces

The company proceeded from the beginning of the pandemic and before taking any other safety measures in the disinfection of the workplaces, taking care to repeat the disinfection procedures as a precaution at regular intervals. The highest goal is the safety and health of the security personnel maintained by the company at its headquarters.

Adoption of remote customer service practices

The company has adopted telephone and online customer service models, implementing direct and timely communication systems in the form of “call centers” and / or “customer support centers” and utilizing both communication models via email and the social media it maintains. The fact that the company did not stop operating, but remained open during the crisis, continuing daily the correct and timely service of its customers proves in practice the resilience and the high sense of responsibility.


Continuous and uninterrupted cleaning of the vehicles

Continuing the construction activities of the projects it has undertaken, the company did not stop the implementation of the projects, giving priority to the cleaning of the entire fleet of vehicles and trucks at its disposal and thus ensuring the protection of the health of its drivers and other staff. As in the workplace, so in its fleet of vehicles, the company takes more reverent care of the regular repetition of disinfection of vehicles and trucks.

Providing special clothing for its technical staff

The provision of special clothing, protective gloves and special masks and antiseptics for all the technical staff of the company was from the beginning a non-negotiable priority, while adhering to personnel control procedures for proper and strict compliance with these measures.

Observance of safe movement controls of the technical staff

Always aiming to contribute to limiting the spread of the pandemic, the company makes sure to have all the necessary certificates of movement of each technical staff. At the same time, the company applies strict control mechanisms of movement, allowing each time only the necessary movements required for the smooth operation of the business, the timely and within the prescribed time delivery of the projects it has undertaken and the complete service of its customers.

Meetings with modern video conferencing systems

With respect and responsibility, the company implements practices of meetings, weekly meetings and necessary presentations, only through modern video conferencing systems, thus ensuring the absolute protection of the health of employees, partners and customers and thus contributing to the wider protection of the health of society and the reduction of the spread of the pandemic. Measures that were embraced with confidence by all employees, partners and customers of the company.

With an exemplary sense of responsibility, Actionplay is particularly proud of the promptness and readiness it has shown in the new different conditions that the COVID-19 pandemic forcibly imposed, adequately ensuring every measure of protection of human health, both internally and externally and maintaining the proper functioning of the business.

Extremely important and worthy of special mention is the fact that the company already maintained a comprehensive strategy of crisis management and resilience, with a proven result the timely adoption and observance of measures and new operating models at each stage, when the pandemic crisis hit our country.

Proper preparation before the crisis, was the indisputable reason for the complete and timely response of the company when the crisis arose, achieving the immediate observance of specific actions at every stage of its operation, from the supply to installation of sports equipment, playgrounds, sports floors and safety floors, from the cooperation with the staff to the communication with its clientele!

Given that trust and empathy are paramount to the necessary collaboration, Actionplay continues to operate smoothly and does not forget to thank warmly and wholeheartedly both its staff and each of its partners and customers for their prompt response to new business models and their support in this effort of the company!

Every effort has value and makes a difference, as noted by the management of Actionplay and the undisputed slogan “With safety and Responsibility”!

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