Sport is an integral part of modern society, with its benefits not limited to physical exercise and well-being of the human body, but extend to maintaining our health, combating stress and an important way of expression and mental uplift.

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With a complete focus on the spread of sports since its inception, the well-known company of playground equipment and sports equipment Actionplay participates in the development of all forms of sports and alternative sports by designing and constructing corresponding sports facilities that provide safety, endurance and are fully compliant with all European standards.

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Such sports facilities are the organized and specially designed skateparks and pumptracks , which are gaining more and more involvement of young and old, especially in recent years when the sports of Skateboard, BMX and in-lineskate are now Olympic sports.

With the basic message “and alternative sport is life”, Actionplay can only feel proud every time completes the construction of suitable, organized and specially designed facilities for skateboards and pumptracks, which offer endless hours to young and teenagers to engage in these new sports, but also to athletes, the maximum possibility of development and the necessary safety.

The construction by the municipalities of our country of such high standards skateparks and pumptracks is of particular importance, reaping benefits both athletically and socially.

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It is worth noting that young people avoid exposure to the streets and squares where they often resort to skating, while not destroying benches, marbles and monuments that are often used as alternative sports venues..

It can not be mentioned that the construction of organized and protected skateparks helps young people to socialize, helping them to belong to a team, to gain a sense of responsibility and not to go to the margins..

Utilizing every development opportunity in relation to these sports, Actionplay cooperates with the world-famous and recognized construction company concerning the professional skateparks, Techramps , having the exclusive representation throughout Greece, thus offering internationally recognized, certified to all European standards, equipment for skateparks.

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The exclusive cooperation of Actionplay with the world-renowned professional skateparks manufacturer Techramps ensures the configuration of spaces of high standards, with surfaces with a special layer RampLine that facilitates the driving style and with constructions that are characterized by high resistance to weather conditions, providing high durability and safety.

Professional skateparks made of high quality materials, with high levels of safety, durability and aesthetics, Skateparks made of wooden surfaces or concrete, skatepark equipment certified according to European standards EN14974 and complex skatepark systems are manufactured in such a way that to meet the needs of even the most demanding skaters!

Specially designed ramps such as bankramp , funboxes , quarterpipes , miniramps , straightrails and < em> grindboxes ensure the absolute pleasure of the visitors, but also the satisfaction of the professionals who are looking for properly designed and safe places to practice their sport.

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A recent example of building a professional skatepark from Actionplay is creation of sports facilities for skateboard in the city of Alexandroupolis, where specially designed equipment was placed, certified according to the standard EN14974, with various ramps that enhance both amateur and professional involvement in the sport.

The construction of the Skatepark was carried out with the equipment of the Polish Techramps, in the framework of the project “ RENOVATION OF THE WESTERN LAND ALEXANDROUPOLIS’ PORT».




The creation and operation of organized and specially designed skateparks and pumptracks can be a pole of attraction for teenagers, young people, but also athletes from around the world, while the municipalities of our country are now required to listen to this need, raise awareness and implement corresponding alternative sports practices.

Actionplay is proud that with each of its projects puts its own stone in the dissemination of the sporting ideal and always remains, as it does all these years, next to the municipalities of our country!

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