All you need to know about the certification process of football turf pitches

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Step 1: Test the product in the laboratory

In this first step, product samples are examined by FIFA-accredited testing institutes for durability, wear and performance in laboratory conditions. In addition, the composition of the material, the “DNA” of its product, is analyzed to be the basis for the product identification test.

To be eligible for the second step – for the field test – the product used for the installation must have been successfully tested in the laboratory for the first time.

An overview of all products with a valid laboratory test report is available on the FIFA Product Database.

Step 2: Test the final installation

The ground test is the evaluation performed by FIFA-accredited testing institutes to determine whether a stadium meets the performance and quality criteria set out in the Quality Program. Emphasis is given to player / surface and ball / surface interaction as well as to the identification test The latter ensures that the materials installed are matched to those tested in the laboratory earlier.

A list of all certified FIFA facilities with synthetic football turf can be found at the FIFA (FIFA FieldDatabase) information bank.

Maintenance as a basis for long-term quality

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the continuous performance of the stadium. The license holder is required to provide the appropriate maintenance equipment and the customer manual, as well as to carry out training sessions on site maintenance.


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