About Italveneta

Italveneta Didattica has been operating on the plastic teaching aids market since 1978. During a period of over thirty years, the company has constantly improved its products, updated its technologies, increased its range and extended manufacturing to include new kinds of goods: sports equipment, large toys for recreational structures and craft items.

Safety, an essential requirement for teaching materials for schools, has been applied to subsequent product lines, too, becoming a basic feature of the entire range Italveneta Didattica offers. Certified safety based on the strictest, most recent European standards.

Another of the company’s strong points is quality. This comes from a special mix of artisan and technological skills. The company currently uses a range of technologies for producing and processing plastic materials according to the product being dealt with. Italveneta Didattica carefully manages each and every stage of toy production, constantly monitoring the quality. The manufacturing technologies used have been tried and tested and guarantee the production of non-toxic, reliable toys.


Children learn about the world and how to interact with others by playing. Therefore, it is fundamental for the toys children use both at home and at school to be safe and not cause accidents.
Italveneta toys are 100% safe because they have passed the stringent tests carried out by international certification institutes, and the certificates they carry attest they are 100% safe.

UNI EN 71-1
UNI EN 71-2
UNI EN 71-3
UNI EN 71- 8
UNI EN 71-9
UNI EN 1176-1 and 1176-3
UNI EN 1729-1 and 1729-2 / UNI EN 1730-6.3/6.5/6.6/6.7



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