Actionplay is pleased to announce the launch of an exclusive cooperation with the manufacturer of synthetic turf Saltex Group Oy.




A few words about SaltexOy

Saltex is one of the largest autonomous production units of synthetic turf in the world. Its activity in the production of sports surfaces begins in 1991 and until now it manages to develop and improve its products, presenting unique solutions to aesthetics and performance. The company is active in sports, landscaping and playground products.

It aims at continuous growth and is in close cooperation with all the factors contributing to the improvement of its products. Always at the forefront of the news, it keeps track of the ever-changing demands of the synthetic turf industry and manages to produce products that meet the most modern sporting requirements.

The quality and durability of the products is at the top of the priorities. The properties of SaltexOy products have been tested according to the current FIFA standards (Test Method Manual – October 2015). The company’s human resources have concentrated on product development, and as a result Saltex’s synthetic turf is being approved for the highest levels of championship.

Saltex has a proprietary testing laboratory in its modern manufacturing facility, providing all the information necessary for the best results, such as: UV Resistance, Lisport, abrasion resistance and tensile strength.

The FIFA Quality Program was launched in 2001. Saltex’s first FIFA stadium was tested in 2002, when the first FIFA contract was signed.

From 2011, Saltex is one of the nine FIFA PREFERED PRODUCER around the world. The company overcomes the traditional supplier / installer scenario by continuously improving the quality of its products and assumes responsibility for the production, installation and maintenance of synthetic football turf from the beginning to its completion.

Green Values are important for Saltex and is aimed at developing products and methods that guarantee a greener environment! Continuous quality controls and development work are an important part of their business. Saltex is actively involved in international industrial development circles, aiming at finding greener and sustainable solutions while maintaining high quality.

It is our responsibility to protect our environment. That’s why Saltex offers safe products made from raw materials recycled.

Saltex Group Oy has an ISO 9001: 2008 certification system and a certified environmental system ISO 14001: 2004.


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