POLICROSALUS product line of TLF Italy company:

Outside is more favorable

To live in the city is not just work and stress. It means physical exercise, socializing with other people and pleasant moments in green spaces.

The latest results of today’s lifestyle research show that we often remain in a seated position for too long, in the car, in the office, at school and at home: in short, we are not moving. The products of the Policrosalus range are a good opportunity to integrate to our lifestyle outdoor moving and exercise, surrounded by nature, fresh air and sunlight.

The Policrosalus series is therefore a healthy and pleasurable way to compensate for the negative tension and keep us in good physical shape to cope with the growing tensions of life in the city.

Regular physical activity helps maintain healthy bones and muscles, a very important factor not only for children but also for people of all ages.

Cities are treasuries containing cultural treasures, whose development is characterized by the quality and type of leisure facilities provided by the city itself.

The Policrosalus series recognizes that people have different levels of physical fitness, strength and abilities.

Each station is designed to be used by those who have a low level of fitness or health problems that require attention during exercise. With regular use, well trained users will continue to find stations beneficial. The distance between the stations can be determined topographically taking into account vegetation and space available. Longer distances will allow users to practice running or fast walking.

The exercises that can be performed at each station are illustrated and identified by special signs.

All types are produced according to the quality control system ISO9001.




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