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When faced with a lack of space or limited resources, multipurpose surfaces are the perfect solution. This type of synthetic turf is made of UVS polypropylene fibers with special rubber substrate, on an existing smooth surface.

It is ideal to be able to combine the sports of tennis, basketball, volleyball and other sports (Multisport) in the same space. Application to hotels, schools, universities, sports centers and public spaces.

Manufactured according to ISO 9001 for quality control and ISO 14001 for environmental care.

Multisport surfaces are applied in two ways:


  1. Qualified tennis court certified by the International Tennis Federation – I.T.F.
  2. Ideal also for multi-sport courts requiring enhanced ball bounce, e.g. basketball
  3. Ideal for coating and reinforcing existing asphalt or concrete surfaces
  4. Use sand only 5-7 Kg / m² resulting in low maintenance costs
  5. Quick drainage to maximize playback time and increase revenue opportunities.
  6. Medium rhythm surface that makes it ideal for students and soft on the leg joints.


  1. Suitable for multi-sport applications in general where a modified ball bounce is required
  2. Used in conjunction with a shockpad (Matchpad 2250)
  3. Sand infill levels are usually 15 Kg / m²
  4. Low maintenance and free drainage compared to equivalent synthetic grass products

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