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Actionplay presents to you the new model of athletic flooring which combines the synthetic turf with the natural grass.

XtraGrass is a natural grass turf reinforced with artificial fibres to give a winning formula of great natural grass playability and a surface that is much more resistant to wear. Developed and refined over the last 10 years, XtraGrass is a unique and patented turf reinforcement system which provides the flexibility to adapt to the unique differences that exist at every location. Hybrid turf is the perfect solution for clubs that find it difficult to maintain a natural grass pitch but do not want, or are not permitted, to play on a 100% artificial turf pitch.



The XtraGrass hybrid turf system can be easily installed on site, requiring only standard pitch installation equipment and utilising a high proportion of local labour. It typically takes the same length of time to install as a standard grass pitch. However, for those clubs in a hurry, XtraGrass is also grown offsite and can be playable within days of installation. This has enormous advantages for clubs who need to partially or completely re-turf their pitch mid season.

XtraGrass combines the positive properties of natural grass with the strength of artificial turf into a superior playing surface. It is a system where the natural turf is reinforced with artificial turf fibers. A perfect combination between the playability of natural grass and the durability of synthetic turf.

The synthetic fibers partially absorb the pressure and wear on the natural grass blades, which makes it more resistant to wear then a standard field of natural grass. Areas with plucked grass belong to the past, as the structure of XtraGrass holds the turf in its place. The system consists of synthetic grass fibers woven on a solid surface, which can be placed directly on the ground of a default field. XtraGrass is carefully filled with a special blend for the root zone and is sown with grass seed.

After a few days the seed germinates and grows between the artificial turf fibers. This results in a surface of extremely strong natural grass that is resistant against slidings and tackles. While the grass grows the mat partially biodegrades, leaving space for the roots to grow through the mat, while maintaining a strong support structure for the turf pitch.

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