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The need to maintain the flooring of an athletic field is fundamental for reasons of aesthetics, safety, playing performance and longevity.
A well maintained field is attractive for any sport and encourage participants to use it the right way as opposed to a dirty and unmaintained field that is unattractive and discourage users from visiting the facility.

1) Synthetic grass maintenance

The surface should be brushed regularly and in accordance with the recommendations of the turf manufacturer. The brushing frequency will be related to the intensity of use – the more often it is used, the more often you must brush it.

The main effect of brushing is to level the infill to ensure the uniformity of the surface. A second important reason for brushing a synthetic field is to prevent pile lean and pile flattening. Many synthetic fibres have a tendency to lean in a particular direction or flatten with use. To overcome this, regular brushing in all directions will help to keep the fibres upright and non-directional.

Replenishment of infill should be made with light equipment or by hand, whichever is most appropriate. Installations should have weekly checks of fill levels on the field. In addition

to the weekly check, there should be an annual inspection of the whole pitch to ensure that the fill height is kept at an appropriate level in accordance with the supplier’s specifications.



2) The maintenance of the parquet is made, either alone or in combination of 3 stages:

1st stage: Sanding of the parquet

The sanding of the parquet is performed so that the surface will not present flatness tolerances greater than those which are permitted. After the completion of the work of sanding and within no more than 24 hours, so as not to be affected from environmental moisture, it is protected again with based primer varnish of polyurethane base, and after its ripening will be applied the first layer of varnish.

2nd stage: Line marking

The line marking on a wooden floor is performed in accordance with the standards and regulations of the international federations. The material of the colors used, has excellent adhesion, it is compatible with the varnish used and applied in two layers and shades that resist fading.

Stage 3: Final varnish layer

The second varnish layer (which is the last one) covers the marking lines for reasons of protection and is the last surface of wooden floor in use. The varnish used to cover permanent wooden sports floorings, including primer and colors of line marking is based on polyurethane, one component with great strength and durability in use, antireflectance and slip-resistant.


3) Maintenance of acrylic floor is made, either alone or in combination of 2 stages:

Stage 1: Rubbing the surface

Rubbing the surface is performed so as there will not be any flatness tolerances of the damaged area

Stage 2: Coating cast rubber synthetic floor and line marking

Then follows a layer of a mixture of synthetic resins and quartz sand in order to achieve anti-slip texture. The mixture has the form of a viscous paste and is used to make three coatings. It spreads by hand on the pitch surface with squeegees parallel and vertically. The line marking of the pitch is made with colors resistant to use and UV rays, similar to the colors of the coating. The appearance is again slip-resistant, uniform and seamless.

4) The renovation of surfaces track and field due to erosion of the surface layer and then re-investment, is becoming increasingly important as an alternative, at a time when funds for new synthetic surfaces is limited. The reason is that it reduces the costs considerably and save significant amount of material. The initial thickness and the specifications of the final rubber surface will remain the same.

1. Mixing of the existing final surface to a depth of 1-5mm (as appropriate)

2. Cleaning of the existing surface.

3. Then the whole surface will smeared with polyurethane (PUR) primer.

4. Mixing EPDM (red color) granulometry 0,5 – 1,5 mm with color red polyurethane and placing the mixture on the whole surface. Striping of the floor in white polyurethane so as to appropriately configured the space for sports that required.



After completion of the above work – pavers will create safe and durable surfaces with adequate cushioning and behavior according to IAAF standards.

Actionplay may undertake periodic review of your field by having in her possession of the appropriate mechanical equipment required for the execution of works.

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